Women in the World of Home Renovation in Mesa, AZ and Benefits of Attending Home Shows

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As a homeowner, you are responsible for all the maintenance and upkeep at your house. You know if you slack in any area of your tasks, you could run into costly repair needs. But there is something you may not have thought of when it comes to home improvement: the fact that women are taking on a lot of responsibility these days. With that in mind, here are some facts about women in the world of home renovation in Mesa, AZ, as well as some benefits of attending home shows:

  • Although traditional thought has many folks still believing that home improvement planning and duties should be left to men, our modern world paints a different picture for households. Let’s just say the decision-making regarding home repairs and improvements is not falling solely to men. In fact, statistics show that more and more women in homeowner households are the ones making such decisions.
  • Today, women are noticeably outnumbering men two to one for attendance at home shows that focus on home improvement and landscape upgrades. This includes ladies who are part of a household as well as individual homeowners.
  • Nearly 50 percent of the customers that shop at home improvement centers—like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s and other hardware stores—are women.
  • Did you know that, according to surveys, women in households make about 85 percent of home remodeling decisions? Furthermore, over 60 percent of women homeowners report enjoying working on home improvement projects, maintenance and repairs. This is in addition to taking the lead on home improvement decision-making for their household.

Men and women homeowners alike are big fans of home shows. Not only are you likely to return home with ideas for remodeling and home renovation in Mesa, AZ, but drawing out plans for such projects is made a little easier, too. Let’s look at some benefits of attending home shows:

  • Talk face to face with contractors: Although a company’s website may answer a lot of your questions, there’s nothing better than asking those questions of a real person. Luckily for you, whether you are looking for products or services, home shows are great places to start conversations. You get to talk face to face with contractors who could potentially work on your home, and you get to feel out if a company or contractor is right for you.
  • See and test out products: Learning about a new product or building material is one thing; it’s another to get the chance to actually test it out and see it up close before purchasing.
  • See the latest trends: If you are planning to remodel, then why not go with the latest and greatest in construction innovation and modern trends? Home shows are where companies are likely to reveal a new service or product.

If you are thinking about home renovation in Mesa, AZ, don’t hesitate to contact the team at The Home Improvement Club. You can also visit us at our booth at the next Maricopa County Home Show in Phoenix, to be held from January 13-15, 2017 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds!

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