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Whatever your siding needs may be, The Home Improvement Club offers affordable solutions. Here are a few helpful things to know before making a decision on new siding installation. The low cost and easy maintenance of vinyl siding make it the siding of choice nationally. However, vinyl is susceptible to distortion and melting in extreme heat, particularly heat reflected by adjacent windows. Aluminum siding offers greater durability, but can easily be dented and costly to repair. Wood and cedar siding have aesthetic appeal, but require regular maintenance to prevent damage due to weather, termites and rodents. Brick and stone offer tremendous durability and energy savings, though generally come with a higher initial cost. For all of these reasons, stucco siding has become the siding of choice in new home construction in the valley of the sun. Stucco (not synthetic stucco) has the ability to breath and is extremely weather resistant. When stucco siding is properly installed it can last the lifetime of the house, is easily repaired, and has a lower overall cost. Whichever type of siding you need repaired or replaced, give us a call and we'll be happy to meet with you to discuss your house siding needs and provide you with a free comprehensive evaluation and estimate.



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