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No matter what kind of carpet you have, it’s going to need to be replaced sooner or later. Years of spills from food and drink, pet accidents, muddy footprints and general wear and tear take an enormous toll on your carpeting. The condition of your carpeting is one of the first thing houseguests will notice upon entering your home. If your flooring looks ratty and unappealing, your house is bound to make a bad first impression—not good! Here are a few reasons to consider replacing your carpet and hiring us for carpet installation in Mesa, AZ:

  • You’ve had it for a long time: Sometimes it’s just time to put an old horse out to pasture. If your carpet has been the same since you moved in to your house, it’s probably time to replace it. Replacing your carpet will boost your home’s resale value and also add a new look to the different rooms in your house. Who doesn’t love changing up the look of a room every once in a while?
  • It smells: If you or your guests notice a funky smell each time you walk into a particular room and you can’t seem to find the cause of the odor, it could be coming from right under your feet! Over time, carpeting gets a buildup of different bad smells, from smelly feet, pet dander, dirt, dropped food and stains that were never properly cleaned.
  • It’s dingy: You can scrub and scrub stains from carpeting, but sometimes they just don’t come out. After you’ve tried every trick in the book to remove a stain and it still looks bad, you can hire a cleaning service to get the stain out. A cleaning service will usually be able to get the stains out, but after years and years of that process, the carpet will start to look worse for wear. New carpet installation in Mesa, AZ is the only truly effective remedy for dingy carpeting!
  • It’s torn: You can clean your carpet all you want before a party, but if it’s old and torn up, there’s nothing you can do to make it look good before guests arrive. Years of shoes traipsing over the carpet will eventually break the threads down, and constant vacuuming pulls the fibers until they look bad. There’s nothing you can do to fix a torn carpet, aside from replacing it with a brand new one from our shop.
  • There’s water damage: Water damage from leaking pipes or flooding in your home can wreak havoc on your carpeting. Once an area of carpet has sustained significant water damage, you’ll either have to call a professional water removal specialist or replace the carpet entirely. If a water-damaged carpet is left untreated for too long, it’s liable to start growing mold and mildew, which can lead to foul smells and negative health effects.

Your carpet isn’t invincible. Contact The Home Improvement Club today to find out how we can assist you with new carpet installation in Mesa, AZ.

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