Four of the Most Common Exterior Home Problems—and How to Fix Them

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From a damaged roof to a need for exterior painting in Mesa, AZ, the outsides of our homes put up with a lot of wear and tear throughout the year—hot sun, storms, deep freezes, strong winds, you name it! This constant barrage of the elements can lead to incremental damage as the years go by, which can mean costly fixes if not addressed early. With this in mind, here is a list of commonly overlooked exterior problems your home could be facing, and what you can do about them.

Dry rot

Dry rot is similar to a cancer for wood. As a fungus that targets wood, it often has an effect on homes underneath awnings, around windows and in badly ventilated, moist areas like basements and attics. As dry rot worsens, it spreads throughout timber and plywood, weakening it. For support structures, like awnings and roofs, this weakened material can mean expensive fixes down the road. Luckily, when caught early enough, dry rot can be cut out and stopped. In the case of a roof, an affected plywood section could be removed and replaced, rather than having to replace the entire roof.

Sagging roof

As a homeowner, your roof should be a constant consideration when it comes to home maintenance. If it begins to sag toward the middle, it could pull the whole roofline out of alignment and require a complete replacement. Like dry rot, if caught in the early stages, a sagging area may be fixed from the attic or with minimally invasive processes. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the problem—consult a roofing professional about your particular case as early as possible.


The outsides of our homes should be painted regularly—preferably every two to three years or so. The paint acts as a protective layer between the elements and the raw materials that make up the structure of the house. This protective layer helps to ward off insects and dry rot, and fills cracks that might otherwise let leaks into the home. Be sure to buy an appropriately rated outdoor paint for your climate, and one that will keep up with wear and tear.

If you do not feel like taking the time to paint your home, professional services can have the job done in no time at all. Give us a call at The Home Improvement Club so we can help you find the best residential contractor for exterior painting in Mesa, AZ.

Gutters and drains

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is especially true of the gutters and drains around our homes. Too often we don’t think to clear them until a big rain reminds us that they are clogged. As a result, overflowing drains and gutters can cause water damage in other areas of the home. Be sure to clear them every season to ensure they work when the rains come.

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